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Turgutreis is situated 18 kms from Bodrum and named after the respected 16th century admiral, Turgut Reis, this bustling town has good beaches, many shops and restaurants and several fine hotels.

Together with neighbouring Kadikalesi, Turgutreis is a 'Windsurfers' Paradise'. The strong prevailing winds and current create challenging and unpredictable conditions. After a day at sea there are many bars and cafes in which to relax and enjoy the sunsets to which Turgutreis is renowned. The most popular restaurants are those offering typical Turkish specialities such as 'pide' and other oven backed delights.

Saturday is market day and the town fills up with villagers bringing fresh produce to sell. Each stall of sun- repened tomatoes, deep purple aubergines, shiny olives and enormous watermalons tempts you to buy, or to take some memorable snapshots.