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Learn Turkish in Marmaris

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Provinces of Marmaris

Bozburun | Icmeler | Turunc | Orhaniye

Lying on a large bay encircled by pine covered hills, Marmaris enjoys one of the most beautiful settings af any Turkish resort. It is close to such ancient ruins as Physkos, Saranda, Amos and Loryma.

Marmaris - Turkey
Marmaris Bay
Marmaris was a small seaport town of Caria, one of the old Aegean kingdoms, and it was situaeted on the crossroads to Anatolia, Rhodes and Egypt. Its current name is claimed to come from Mamalos. This region, where Carians lived under the Lidian hegemony in the 6th century BC, was conquered by Alexander the Great in 334 BC.
Marmaris and its region came under the Roman hegemony in 163 BC, and they remained in the Byzantine territory after the Roman Empire's division in to two parts.
Well protected Marmaris  Castle was built during Sultan Suleiman (the Magnificent)'s journey to conquer Rhodes. According to Evliya Chelebi the castle had already existed, and all the Sultan did was to change its name. During the Ottoman Empire, Marmaris Castle and Harbor were used as a supply point for the Navy.

The Ancient City was inside the walls on the hills and around them. Later, the town spread down the skirts of the hills towords the shore. In recent years, the town expanded along the harbour by a tourism boast.

Marmaris is one of the Turkey's most beautiful towns and every inch of it  is worth seeing. It has an extraordinary beauty with its coves, sandy beaches, evergreen forests and plants. Some of the wonderful sea journeys, which have become the most popular activity in the region, take place in the beautiful coves of Marmaris.

Near Marmaris, at Icmeler, the hazy mountains of the interior slope down to sandy beaches. Under blue skies, the clear sea is ideal for all types of water sports. Many find this area so irresistable that they stay longer than originally planned. And there are some excellent accomodations here, in which you can prolong your contact with nature. As you drive down from the high mountains into the village of Turunc the scene opens out onto the spectacular blue waters beyond the natural harbor. The village itself is small and scattered around the bay. Most of the restaurants border the beach. A few bars and restaurants farther back from the water's edge offer fresh fish and superb views.

Sedir IslandKumlubuk, a turquoise paradise, lies on the southern side of the bay. On the northern side, above the water, stands the ancient Rhodian city of Amos. Loryma, at the tip of the Bozburun Peninsula, where the ruins of the ancient harbor and castle remain, can only be reached by boat. Natural quiet bays and scattered islands punctuate the northern shore of peninsula, ideal for those who want to get away from it all.

Sedir Island, in the Gulf of Gökova, is the ancient Cedrai. Its old city walls, theater and temples can be visited by driving from Marmaris north to Gelibolu Bay and then crossing by boat. This voyage also offers an unforgettable panoramic view of the mountain scenery across the bay. At the head of the gulf is the village of Gökova whose houses seem to cascade down the mountainside. Restaurants built over bubbling, fresh water streams that fall from the highlands create an unforgettable setting. The towering pines and cooling breezes of Gökova Park are often a welcome respite from the hot sun.