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Explore The Tropical Island And Rejuvenate Yourself In Our Wellness Sanctuary

BlogKoh Samui Villas

Koh Samui is one of the most developed islands of the Kingdom of Thailand and a much sought after destination in the field of medical tourism.


Spend your time in the company of nature

We manage a chain of Koh Samui villas located within the heart of the tropical forests. A rare vacation to cherish for your lifetime if you are one among those adventurous people who love to be in the wild. Feel free of security concerns, for your safety will be our priority throughout your visit.


Special Koh Samui packages

Our villas are constructed in harmony with nature preserving the flora and fauna of the surrounding forests and maintaining the safety of our guests at the same time. The villas are built keeping in mind all the modern facilities offering you maximum comfort and content within the suite and also allowing you to get pampered in the outside luxury.

The uniqueness of our service is that we offer trekking and adventure tourism into the tropical forests. The expeditions are carried out under the guidance of experts with complete provisions for security without losing the excitement and fun.

In association with our resorts are the secondary healthcare centers for advanced medical treatment and wellness packages to help you ease out the work stress and health deterioration. These centers are run by certified and well-trained medical experts and care workers giving you miraculous healthcare regimes in cohesion with nature – the villas listed here are beautiful.

Separate treatment packages are available for male and female tourists, children as well as for family and the elderly covering the following specialties in addition to medical check-ups:

  • Surgeries in bariatric and orthopedics
  • Cardiac and ophthalmic surgeries
  • Cosmetics/plastic surgeries
  • Dental procedures
  • Infertility treatment

Explore and get addicted to the real-time charm of the tropicals.



Planning a road trip? A road trip is always synonymous with fun and adventure. However, if not prepared well, they turn out to be troublesome. Whether you are planning your road trip in your own family car or even if you have a motorhome road trip in mind, planning in advance always helps. Here are a few tips to bear in mind before you actually set out on your adventure.

Decide where and how you plan to go: This is basic, first thing about a viable destination, next whether you plan on going in your own car, or a motorhome. If you are keen on travelling in a motorhome, you can also rent them out. You can surf for them online, as this is quick and easy way to hire a motorhome in Scotland.

Think about who all you plan on travelling with: If you are travelling with kids, opting for a motor home is quite a good idea. Kids get that additional space and more services as compared to being cramped up in a car. Motorhomes also are a safer option especially with kids onboard.

Be prepared with enough food and water: Road trips can be full of unforeseen situations, like a road block, sudden change in climate, or sudden vehicle breakdown. Restock your food and water supplies at every stop you make, you never know where you might take longer than expected.

Carry tool box, back up gear: This goes without saying that your vehicle needs to be loaded with a tool box, spares and all other hardware that might come handy in times when you need it the most.

Carry extra but not too much: If you are travelling in a motorhome you might have the luxury of carrying more than just the essentials. You could throw in an extra jacket, or sheet. But again loading the vehicle with too much luggage will only make it heavier.


Find Your Holiday Home in Thailand

BlogKoh Samui Villas

With people earning more and more money across the world, disposable income has never been higher. With all that money, new doors open that had previously been shut. But in my opinion, there’s only there’s only one option. Buying a second home. Obviously. But why would you want to buy a home down the street when you can buy one in a picturesque getaway. Take thailand for example.

After my wife and I decided that we were going to look for a holiday home, we quickly settled on thailand. The people, the culture, the weather, they were all huge plus’s for us, and after viewing some of the properties, we knew we were going to make the right choice and we haven’t looked back since.

A google search later and we had a huge list of properties to browse. One website that really caught our attention though was the villas listed here are beautiful and no other site really compared.

The site was easy to navigate and had a whole range of properties ranging from the grandiose, to the small and comfortable and everything inbetween. We had no trouble applying filters and within an hour, we knew what properties we wanted to see

We flew out within a couple of weeks and after viewing several properties, we settled on one in Koh Samui, a beautiful little island just off the coast. Clear blue waters, relatively low population and blue skies are what we had in mind and that’s exactly what we found.

My advice to anybody looking for property abroad is to take the plunge. You can sit around all day looking at a screen, but if you want to make that dream a reality, you have to go ahead and book a flight. It might seem scary, but it’s totally worth it!

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