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Eating Chinese Food in Any Location Has Never Been Easier


Looking for some quality Chinese food near me? This has never been easier. Chinese food is a favorite among many and thanks to the number of a Chinese restaurant that has come up, you are never left without an option.

I had been traveling out of the city one day and suddenly felt like eating some Chinese food. It was a road travel and thus I did not think there may be many options around. Also, there was no one nearby whom I could ask for a recommendation on a good Chinese restaurant.

Quick search for any cuisine

An idea then struck me. I pulled out my smartphone and started searching for Chinese restaurants close to me. It asked me for my location and I was clueless. All that my eyes could see were acres and acres of fields.I knew I was in the countryside but where exactly was something that I had to figure out.

I switch on the GPS that located me immediately. I had already installed a well-known restaurant app that could let me know about restaurants, menus, and offers. I chose the Chinese cuisine filter and the app gave me close to 10 Chinese restaurants within 5kms from where I was. There were some offers going on for the day in some of the restaurants and this meant that could save some money too.

All that I did was a little search on the app

I quickly went through the menus, the offers, the price and the distance and took help from a few reviews. A well-known Chinese restaurant was around the corner and I had to take a little diversion to reach the palace, but that suited the review also mentioned about the specialty of the restaurant so I already had my order in mind before I had even reached the restaurant. What more? The app also lets me pre-book the table so I had a table waiting for me as soon as I reached the place.

Finding and eating at a Chinese joint could not have been easier and there I was, eating one of the best Chinese spread that I had ever had in my life.

How to Travel the Right Way?


Is there really a right way to travel? Well yes, there is a correct and an incorrect way to do everything in this universe. You have planned the right trip, but here let us look into some tips for the right expedition.

Right Location Tips

  1. Research well about the place you are gaping to visit and plan your itinerary well.
  2. Do not cramp up your itinerary with many things that are tightly spaced. There might be a lot of places to visit and many things to do. However, with the time constraint you might end up being greedy and thus create a tedious plan of action. Travelling is a means to de-stress and not to add to your existing stress.
  3. Make time to try out local cuisine and check out the local lifestyle of the place that you are visiting. This will add authenticity to your travel experience.
  4. Either, carry a local map of the place you are travelling to or activate data roaming and use Google maps to help you in your navigation.
  5. Be alert of fraudulent activities that you may encounter and stay alert.

Luggage Tips

  1. Know your baggage allowance and dimensions to avoid paying hefty fees for extra baggage.
  2. Buy a compact luggage where you can comfortably pack all the required items in a systematic manner.
  3. Invest in a premium luggage as premium luggage is worth the money, especially for a serious travel.
  4. Follow the same rules of cloth shopping – first you see, second you pick what you like, third you try, fourth you screen and fifth you pay for what you really love. In a similar manner, lay down the things you think you need, but in the end after filtering, pack only what you absolutely want.
  5. Compartmentalise your packing. Ensure to pack your toiletries and all other liquid items separately.

Thus, travel right and travel miles before your feet and bags get weary.

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